We Are Turnkey CEO Sasson Rejwan has succesfully built turnkey businesses in the Los Angeles are over the last 20+ years.


  • International Personal Entertainers’ Manager (18 hits No. 1 hits)
  • UMA (United Management ATM)
  • Stop Smoke Medical Centers
  • Total Woman Health Clubs
  • Flex Appeal Health Clubs
  • In Shape Health Clubs
  • Picasso’s Restaurants
  • In Touch Trading/Master Gold Traders
  • (Developing and Branding Personalities, Personal List Management)
  • Executive Suites
  • Backstreet Outlets
  • And now offered through The Original We Are Turnkey, LLC.
    A Green Rush Turnkey opportunity...
    Maison de Weeds Medical Marijuana Green Grow House!


Sasson is a visionary who has assembled the best professional team in the country to help you maximize your profits in the burgeoning medical marijuana industry that has exploded across America.

He works under the premise that success is a byproduct of hard work and believes strongly that the starting point of achievement begins with desire.

His many accomplishments are a testament to that philosophy and looks forward to helping you prosper in these Green Rush times.




Viktoria Kovacs has worked with Sasson Rejwan, the company founder and president for over a decade and is the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

She manages the company’s day-to-day operations with a respectful, constructive and energetic style that is guided by her belief that hard work and honesty are the keys to success.

Familiar with business obstacles and adversity from her years building startup companies such as:

  • In Touch Trading
  • Solutions Plus Management
  • Backstreet Outlets

Ms. Kovacs embraces challenges and knows how to lead and motivate in an understated manner. She brings a welcome wit and charm to the company’s staff as well to all of its clients and welcomes the opportunity to fulfill the lofty vision we all have for We Are Turnkey.




Tuyet Lu (Cachet) became an entrepreneur at the age of 14 as a sales person. She has business training from a Corporate Operations Officer who has previously served in the special forces. This COO's reputation for turning failing companies into multi-million dollar corporations has taught Cachet how to be emotionally intelligent, and diligent with any mission at hand. She has also been trained in the musical world by a legendary music executive, and in realism art by a college professor.

Tuyet Lu (Cachet) can draw human faces in detail with both hands without ever having to practice. This level of artistry is key to the innovation that Cachet brings on board. Currently at the age of 23, Cachet is a charismatic young lady with a focused interest in the financial industry. She believes in constant improvement and continues her studies in new fields such as brain science and neuro-marketing.




John Genesi is an experienced business professional and leads our medical marijuana training.

He has:

  • Twenty years executive experience as Chief Financial Officer of GrowLife, Inc., a Securities and Exchange reporting company that operated in the marijuana industry and had a market capitalization of $400 million.
  • Served as CFO of Strategic Financial Companies, LLC. He nurtured this privately held company from a business plan to a thriving enterprise that generated near a million dollars per week in revenue with over a hundred employees.
  • Managed the reverse mergers of both Technology Innovation (FKA Technical Services & Logistics, Inc.) and LandBank, Inc.
  • Under his leadership these companies became SEC reporting entities.
  • Extensive experience preparing GAAP compliant statements as well as SEC filings including forms 10K 10Q.

John’s training and ongoing support will significantly impact your profits. There’s no one more savvy and experienced than John in the medical marijuana business and he welcomes the opportunity to work with you.




Mark Sanders is the man the term “green thumb” truly fits and his gardening expertise, indoor and outdoor, has earned him accolades from his lifetime of working in soil based mediums.

His agriculture experience is unrivaled and he is an expert in:

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics which is considered to be the most sophisticated way to grow cannabis.
  • Creating systems and procedures to ensure a consistent supply of the highest quality product.
  • Training and educating gardeners of all levels to become proficient in the many facets of gardening.
  • Building, designing and cultivating commercial gardens.

He brings over fifteen years of experience in hydroponic growing environments and is an expert with port-a-grow chambers.

Mark has earned his reputation as one of the country’s elite medical marijuana cultivators through his professionalism, knowledge and ability to bring crops to their fullest harvest.

You won’t find a better and more affable gardener than Mark, that we guarantee.




Jeffrey Brandzel is a longtime medical marijuana advocate who is the author of Off Center, an acclaimed novel that is in the NORML library. He is passionate about the benefits of medical marijuana and has written extensively about the subject.

He has been:

  • A licensed Life & Health insurance agent in California for sixteen years and is now devoting himself fulltime to We Are Turnkey, an opportunity that he describes as, “Ideal for people with ambition and vision to enter a market that is about to explode.”
  • The featured speaker on Ethics throughout California for insurance agents.
  • Spokesperson for the Department of Insurance on identity theft.
  • Editor of financial books dealing with currency trading in the Forex markets published by Wiley & Sons.

Jeffrey looks forward to talking and meeting with you and is committed in helping you achieve your financial goals in the cannabis marketplace. An avid reader, his favorite quote comes from Mark Twain.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

Give him a call!
And he’ll help you achieve your financial freedom!!



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